Suamico Event Room

Suamico Taproom Event Room FAQ's

In Suamico the event room capacity is up to 48 people.  We have options that allow for "cocktail" parties where there is mixed standing & seated spots or for fully seated events.

Event space is only available in Suamico.

Food can be delivered or brought in to Ahnapee Brewery from any licensed kitchen.  Licensed kitchens include restaurants and grocery stores (example: pre-prepared fruit, cheese trays etc). 

There are multiple local restaurants from pizza and pasta to Mexican and sub sandwiches available for delivery.  A short list of delivery options is here, but we welcome all licensed kitchens.

We can supply banquet table(s) & linen at no extra charge to set up the food and/or gift tables.  We ask that you supply disposable plates, utensil, napkins, etc. if you are bringing in food.

There is a $50 cleaning fee if the area is in need additional cleaning above and beyond “normal” use.

We do offer an array of non-alcoholic options and have craft beers which are “less” beer-like.  We also carry a variety of Vizzy Hard Seltzer flavors. 

That said, we currently don’t have a license for alcohol other than beer and customers aren't allowed bring in alcohol per our license.

A server(s) will be staffed to take care of your group so you don’t need to come out & get your own beverages.

A server(s) will be staffed to take care of your group so you don’t need to come out & get your own beverages.

Beverages can be purchased in several ways:

  • All beverages can be on one check.
  • Budget can be set to “X” amount of dollars.  Beyond that amount guests are on their own for cash bar.
  • Can purchase multiple round(s) or the first round of beers.  Tickets will be provided. You can set a “Up to value” on each ticket and give them to your guests as you see fit (1 per person, 2 per person, so on).  $6 value allows your guests to get any beer on our list however the size of the glass may be smaller for more expensive beers.  You are only charged for the beer served not the full $6 value.
  • Separate checks.  If you chose this option, please be patient with our staff as it takes extra time to ring in beverages on multiple checks and additional time to settle checks when guests are ready to leave.   Guests will likely be asked for their credit card to secure payment when they order.

Decorating is permitted however:

  • No confetti, rice, petals or similar items.
  • Painters tape on walls is permitted. Please do not use heavy duty tapes or adhesives.
  • Please take decorations home with you when the event is over.
  • $50 cleaning fee will be assessed if additional cleaning is needed in the room.

Currently there is no room charge or minimum spend for the event room.  This is subject to change.

Seating for 48 people
Seating for 48 people

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