Quarterly Mug Club Party!

Mug Club Party

Quarterly Mug Club Party!

Date: July 28, 2024
Time: 12:00 pm

Join us at either taproom for the quarterly Mug Club Party Sunday, July 28th!  From Noon-5pm enjoy half price mugs of beer and bring in some snacks to share for our Mug Club Pot Luck Lunch!!

What’s better than 50% off mugs of beer?  50% off mugs and a Pot Luck Lunch!  We encourage you to bring in finger food to share with others for a small pot luck lunch for the party.  Feel free to bring cold items or foods that can be room temperature if you are inclined to share. Having enough power (and space) could be an issue if there were multiple crock pots, so we’d like to stick to “cool” snacks. We’ll provide napkins, forks and plates to make sharing easy!

Not a Mug Club Member yet, but interested in joining?  Sign up here or in person at either taproom!