Bratwurst Mashup! – Suamico

Brat Mash Up Sold Out

Bratwurst Mashup! – Suamico

Date: July 18, 2024
Time: 6:00 pm


Join us in the brewhouse for a Bratwurst Mashup on Thursday, July 18th from 6-8pm for a midsummer brat-fry, “brewery style”!

After we brew, we’re left with hot spent grain and we’ll be using the hot grain (mash) to finish the cooked brats instead of finishing them on the grill!  The Little Soldier brats are crafted at Salmon’s meats in Luxemburg, and our friends at 888 Cheese will using the mash tun as the cooking vessel!

As you may know we don’t typically do brewery tours, so this is your chance to get a peek in the brewery, get a little in-depth look at the mashing process and learn more about barley used for brewing.  Also get a beer straight from a brewing vessel in the brewery for your second 16oz beer!

Each $25 ticket receives the items below on Thursday, July 18th starting at 6pm:

  • Two 16oz beers!  Enjoy one pint from our normal taps and one straight from a brewery tank in the brewery!
  • Mash & barley focused brewery tour!
  • “Brewery Style” Brat Dinner!
    • One brat cooked “brewery style” (add an additional brat for $4, if you’re extra hungry!)
    • A side of potato chips AND your choice of either: potato salad or macaroni salad