BrewVino Roast, Beer & Wine Festival

Why “BrewVino Roast?”

This steer is raised on Ahnapee Brewery spent grains at the Bryersquart Family Farm (Brew). Prior to the roast, the steer is bathed in a cherry wine marinade (Vino). This is a true farm-to-table experience! And not just anybody is preparing this feast. For starters, the steer is processed by Otto’s Meats in Luxemburg. von Stiehl Winemaker, Aric Schmiling, prepares the special cherry wine marinade. Then, the full carcass is marinated for 24 hours prior to the steer roast. The roast begins with a hot fire at 3 am on the day of the event, with a serving time somewhere between noon and 2 pm.


What does everything cost?

The ticket for this event costs $25 and includes admission, the steer plate, water, a commemorative glass, and fantastic tunes. Wine and beer servings are $5 each.  Get tickets here.  *If tickets sell out online, they will not be available on the day of the event.  Sorry, no refunds on tickets.

What’s on the steer plate?

Beef, corn on the cob, and other fixings, which might include a roll, beans, and coleslaw.

Should I bring a chair?

It might not hurt. We have seating for around 300, and an attendance of 700-1000. People do come and go, so getting a table isn’t super hard.

Is it rain or shine?

You bet. Also keep in mind that Lake Michigan can offer a chilly 45 degree wind anytime before the 4th of July. It would be wise to bring layers and a jacket.

Who’s running this show?

Von Stiehl Winery is the event organizer, hosts the event and the music on their outdoor terrace. If you have a specific question that is not covered, please feel free to email their special events coordinator at