6 Pack Roulette – April 1st Release!

Six Pack Roulette

6 Pack Roulette – April 1st Release!

Date: April 1, 2023
Time: 12:00 pm

Don’t let this April Fool’s Day slip by without sharing a 6 Pack Roulette with your best friend!  On April 1st you can pick up your six pack to share, which includes five bottles of Hail Mary Helles & one bottle of Lemon Sour Ale…the kicker?  All the bottles have the same label so neither of you can tell which beer is which!  Will you get the Sour Ale or will they?  Only time will tell!

This is not a April Fools joke.  The 6 pack roulette is available for purchase while supplies lasts and you can pick your six pack up on April Fool’s Day at the taproom you select in the shopping cart.  Each 6 pack is $12 & there is a limit of 2 six packs per person.

PICK-UP starts April 1st at noon at both locations.  LIMIT 2 PER PERSON.

Not sold in individual flavors, only sold as a set.  Pre-ordering is closed.  Walk in purchases will be available as supply lasts.